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April isn’t only for tricks and taxes
Posted by Kim McGrigg on 4/9/2008

The month of April is commonly associated with April Fools Day and the far less merry Tax Day. But did you know that April is also Financial Literacy Month?

In honor of this, the creators of Save Or Spend have created offers a fresh approach to money management with a simple 30 step path to financial wellness. In addition to the 30 steps, the Web site provides access to financial tools, savings tips, and the option to join others in taking the pledge to financial freedom!

Visit today to take the pledge! While April is the official Financial Literacy Month, the 30 step path will help you create a successful strategy to better your overall financial situation no matter what day or month of the year you begin.

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Tax time is the perfect time to talk about financial choices, especially if you are expecting a refund.  The folks at Money Management International are dedicated to increasing the financial education all consumers – spenders and savers. (And those
who owe!) 

We hope you enjoy reading some of our thoughts about spending and saving and invite you to share your own.  For more information about the blog and participating, please visit our Blog Guide.
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