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Posted on 7/21/2013 by: Deborah P. from: Kingaroy, QLD, Australia, N/A

Hi, my names Deb and I have entered alot of competitions so that I can win alot of the things I cannot buy for my family. We are both pensioners and so when we'd won a $3000 holiday and all the car hire and spending money we thought yeeehaaa! right. Well didn't we get a shock when the lady said that we had to pay $840 to get the prize. What is that? I've never heard of having to pay to collect a prize, have you? Well I didn't have the money so we didn't get the prize, what a let down.
Deb Petith

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Happy Spending  

Posted on 2/5/2010 by: Timothy R. from: Fulton, MO

This year was a good year for my tax situation; in June I bought my first house with my girlfriend of two years, and have big plans for the refund.
We used to rent a small place on the bad side of town and both had old cars with many problems. Now we have a much nicer house all our own in a good neighborhood. While we didn't buy the house with taxes, the $8000 tax incentive was the push we needed to actually do it. We used that to buy me a newer used vehicle, and we took out a joint loan to get her a nice newer car, allowing us to share the laon burden. When my regular refund comes in, I'll be using it to pay for some minor plumbing work, a new set of tires, and to pay off two credit cards. I will also be using it to pay off the majority of an engagement ring, and plan on proposing in a few months.
I have to admit I'll be putting $300 back in savings as well, but the majority will be going to improving our lives, and ensuring they'll be spent together, till death do us part.

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Posted on 2/2/2009 by: Melynie from: Fayetteville, AR

For the first time in my adult life I get to spend my refund money as I want, not how someone else wants me to. I'll be getting a substantial amount back and plan on doing a few things.
First I am going to buy my children something special. Since their father left us it has been a bit of a struggle, but we've made it!!!
Then it's all about me. I'm getting implants!! Of course that will mean that I will have to have new undergarments as well. Not to mention new clothes. It will be a WONDERFUL year for me and my children!!!

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Posted on 5/31/2007 by: Katryn D. from: Hummelstown, PA

My husband and I happen to own 3 lovely homes all on the same street. This makes for a very tight budget. My in-laws live in the other two homes while we live in the third. The problem, ours is only a one bedroom and we have 2 daughters.

So, we remodeled a bit. We turned a room in the basement into a bedroom for our eldest and made the kitchen/dining room into one so that part of the dining room is now a bedroom for our youngest.

My husband accomplished all this as my Christmas present, which was realy nice.

He left the finishing toucheds (spakle, paint) to me. Neither one of us really has the time for such things.

We own a business and are in BNI which happened to have a painter in out group. She does faux painting and murals. When I found out what our tax return was going to be I hired her and she came out and has done a lovely job so far. We have the kitchen/diing room done with the youngests bedroom next on the list.

Now, if only I can get the floors done.

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spending planning - oh ya!  

Posted on 5/31/2007 by: Beverly H. from: Old Orchard Beach, ME

From the moment the last tax refund check is deposited, we start budgeting for the next year. Provided circumstance haven't changed significantly, we can usually count on at least a similar amount. We discuss (read haggle) over every detail and penny. A little for car expenses, a little for gifts, a little for a mini-vacation, and a bit for play. We've done it this way since we were married and it works out pretty well. I know we should re-adjust the tax amounts deducted for paychecks, but it's not a significant amount of damage and it's kind of fun getting the check instead of worrying about whether we'll owe old Uncle Sam.

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Big spender  

Posted on 5/28/2007 by: Marianna B. from: Louisville, MS

I was fortunate enough to receive a decent sized tax refund this year. No, I didn't milk the government for free (read: someone else's) money... I actually overpaid. Problem corrected for next year.

With all my newfound riches (well, riches = about $2,000), I decided to splurge! Oh yeaaah! Mama's a big spender (so the kids were thinking).

Oh nooo! Kids are crying in their beds, but that hospital bill and credit card is paid off! Yes! Dave Ramsey be darned, being a responsible grown-up really stinks sometimes!

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Pay then Play!  

Posted on 5/25/2007 by: Lacie T. from: Hudson, NC

We always spend our refund every year. We usually end up paying off our credit card or other bills, then we have a little left to go on a small vacation. It works out, and its nice!

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I went CRAZY with my refund!  

Posted on 5/20/2007 by: Anne Z. from: Middlesex, NJ

Since my tax refund was so HUGE it took me quite a while to figure out exactly what I was going to blow it on. After careful consideraton, and many hours of deliberation, I decided to go crazy and spend my..... $12 refund...... on a large pizza....WITH two extra toppings!

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Spending wisely  

Posted on 5/19/2007 by: Gail C. from: Chandler, TX

I have been needing money for a few months, and when I received my tax refunds, I caught up with my bills.

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A Double No Brainer!  

Posted on 5/10/2007 by: Shannon from: New York, NY

I plan to use my tax return to help reach two finacial goals that I've been putting off, paying off credit card debt and saving for retirement. Since my return is something of a windfall anyway, I won't miss it. My plan is to use half to pay off a high interest credit card. It's like automatically getting a return on an investment because the return is the interest I won't have to pay anymore. An obvious no brainer!

With the other half, I plan to invest it in a target date retirement fund. It's timed to coincide with your investment goals, as you get closer to retirement the mix of stocks and bonds changes to be more conservative. I think most people would agree that retirement planning can be intimidating. This way, the rebalancing is automatic so I'll have one less thing to worry about. Another no brainer!

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